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When two people decide to spend the rest of their lives together, it is only right to mark the occasion with a celebration.  What is the best way to do so, you may ask? Well, how else, if not with an engagement photo session? It is the perfect way to remember such an important lifetime event. Engagements take you on a wonderful journey in which every loving look and touch is captured forever. Let us warn you: the camera’s presence can initially feel intrusive, and it is okay if it makes you anxious. But as our conversation flows and the bond strengthens, all shyness will melt away, and you will enjoy yourselves! That said, let us show you what you can expect from our Georgia engagement photographer services!

Our sessions are not just about images; they are about creating memories that reflect the warmth and honesty of your love story. We will illustrate the most lovely times are often the most real and unplanned during the entire process. If you’re recently engaged – congratulations! Your engagement deserves to be captured to the fullest. And how do we do that? The secret for making the most of your engagement photo session is written in the paragraphs below. Read on to find out what it is!

Behind the lens with Sara Armstrong Photography

Having a photoshoot for your celebration of your proposal is more than just a possibility to commemorate your love. It’s a chance to create memories that capture the heart and soul of your relationship. The secret to a relaxed and fun photo shoot is getting to know your photographer. As Georgia engagement photographers, we know that magical things can happen when a couple and their photographer connect.

To kick things off, arrange a meeting or video chat with your photographer to get to know each other. Tell stories about the two of you meeting, some of your best times spent together, and what makes your future spouse special to you. Conversations like this help Georgia wedding photographers get to know you on a deeper level beyond what we see in the camera.

Think of your engagement photoshoot as a dress rehearsal for the wedding. Pick a setting that has meaning in your story, such as the spot where you first crossed paths or a special landmark. The photographs will have a more private feel, and you’ll be able to unwind in your own space.

Casual conversations are a good icebreaker, so feel free to chat with us as the engagement photo session unfolds. If you share some of your inside jokes with us, we can make the shoot feel more like a day out with a friend and less like a formal appointment. We are always in the mood for a great conversation, and let’s be honest, all of us will eventually need a break from shooting. Sharing stories and experiences from both sides will surely turn the session into a creative partnership.

Lastly, familiarity is key when taking Georgia engagement photos.  We don’t want to only take a series of posed photographs of you as a couple. Rather, our goal at Sara Armstrong Photography is to provide you with an authentic and fun experience! So, let’s share our connection through your love story. Your engagement session will be proof that we have fun working!

Can you have fun at your engagement session?

The short answer is, of course, yes! Each couple’s engagement photo session is unique and is supposed to be exciting and memorable. As Georgia engagement photographers, we add a touch of celebration, elegance, and true connection to the session. Forever capturing beautiful love stories is what we strive for at Sara Armstrong Photography.

We all love spending time with our loved ones, especially in special locations. So, to have the perfect engagement shoot, we recommend finding a place that resonates with you as a couple. Choosing a memorable backdrop gives your images an intimate feel. Whether it’s the lovely park where you had your first picnic together or the busy city where you first met paths – there is no wrong choice!

You must have been thinking about what to wear already, so be sure to relax your clothes stylishly. The clothes you wear should express your individuality and inspire confidence. Coordinate your outfits in a way that they complement each other without looking too matchy-matchy.

You should enjoy the element of surprise on set, too. The amazing outcomes that occur when laughter comes easily cannot be overstated. This allows us to capture the actual connection between you and your partner and share those precious moments with the world. The more genuine the moments, the more wonderful the images.

When our couples choose to do things they enjoy together, we could not be any happier! Whether it is a cup of coffee, your favorite dance, or walking hand-in-hand, simply add it to the session! Blending it in the mix will make for an even more genuine and enjoyable experience for both of you.

Finally, remember to enjoy the romance!  Get close, steal a kiss, and whisper sweet nothings. Our lenses will catch the excitement, and the results will be phe-nom-e-nal! We love capturing genuine expressions of affection between lovebirds. After all, engagement photo sessions are all about telling a story through pictures.

Book an engagement session with us

Would you like to have a relaxed and fun photoshoot with us to commemorate your engagement? Don’t you wish to experience the thrill of having our talented Georgia engagement photographers record your love story without all the fuss that it normally entails? We will make your love even more apparent through our lenses! Rest assured, even you will be amazed from the photoshoot’s perspective.

We put a new spin on the concept of lavishness through our work. Our only goal is to ensure that each photograph reflects the true nature of your relationship. You pick the location and time – and we will be there to create wonderful stories. Call us and raise the stakes for your Georgia engagement photos, given that the love that you share is so stunning!

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